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Welcome to the new community on the lovely Dreamwidth dedicated to all that is Generator Rex.

I think a lot of us know each other. XD

Anyway. This is what I have of the whole thing so far. Look around, let me know what you don't like, something you'd like changed, something you'd like to add, bugs, etc. Particularly on the tags. They can only be changed by the admin and, so far, that's just me. Also, look at the links. Want a site added that I didn't put in?

There should be a nice little list lower on the sidebar.

Also, suggestions on the layout would be nice and some talk of a header. I'll likely add one later, but I've made them in the past and FAILED. If someone would like to make one, get at it. I have NO idea what the dimensions would be. 8D

I haven't started on the profile page, yet. Will very soon and will include a list of interests.

Other than that, Rules.

These are just "in a nutshell, so to speak. I still need to make them sound proper and look fancy, with the added punishments. Most will include banning.

-Be nice to everyone else in the comm. Not a place for wank.
-Explicit/R-rated content should be CLEARLY LABELED.
-Images too large for the layout format or more than one image should be under a cut.
-Long entries, such as fanfics, should be under a cut/link.
-Spoilers should be LOCKED to MEMBERS ONLY and should be CLEARLY LABELED.
-Icons should include a maximum of three to a teaser with a link/cut to the rest.
-No intro posts, please. We'll get to know you the old fashioned way.
-USE THE TAGS. KEEP US TOGETHER, MAN. (If you don't, I'll probably just mod edit.)

Please let me know if you would like some rules changed or if you would like to add something to these.

I think that's it for right now. Comment here or PM me if you have comments/questions. Things are still changing so YAY.
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